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My Story

When I decided to become a coach, my whole world changed.  I am not the same person that I was a year ago.  I went from being a full-time Elementary Reading Teacher to being a stay-at-home mom, and that was a difficult transition for me.  I felt lonely and lost, and sometimes even jealous of my husband who was able to leave the house and interact with other adults.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my son and I was so happy to have the opportunity to spend every day with him, but I lost myself in the process.

Coaching has given me my confidence back.  I went from being the shy girl who was afraid to talk to new people, to the person who initiates conversations with strangers.  I am proud of the weight that I have lost and I am confident in my ability to reach all of my fitness goals.

Coaching has given me another family.  I am no longer alone; I am a part of a huge Beachbody family and we all support and encourage one another.  We chat every day through social media and we meet up in different parts of the country for trainings.

Coaching has given me hope and dreams for my family’s future.  I used to feel as though we would never be free from student loans or other debt.  Now I have a clear plan in place and I know that we have the ability to pay off that debt within a few short years.


Why Should I Become a Coach?

Coaching can change your life, too.  This opportunity can help you achieve that financial freedom you’ve been dreaming about.  If you’re like me, a stay-at-home mom looking for something to call your own, this can help you find YOU again.  It can give you the accountability that you need to reach your own goals, and allow you to help others at the same time.  Coaching can help you to become more confident and out-going.  You also get to do fun things!  There are optional training sessions all over the United States that you can attend.  It is so fun to take a weekend road trip to learn and spend time with your teammates.  You can earn reward trips (Cancun, Carribean Cruise, etc) and monthly prizes (books, workout apparel, workout gear, etc) by hitting certain goals.   There are so many other benefits of coaching that I haven’t even mentioned here, and the only way for you to know how it could help you would be to try it out and see for yourself!


Do I Have to be a Fitness Expert?

Absolutely not!  Beachbody is unique because we offer a community of support to our customers.  No other company does that!  We are made up of thousands of people- some of us are just beginning our fitness journey and some of us have six-pack abs.  I’m somewhere in the middle.  People who are looking to make a change aren’t looking for perfect coaches.  They are looking for somebody they can relate to.  Somebody who understands how difficult it is to lose weight.  You will be learning along the way, just like the rest of us.  As long as you are open minded, willing to learn, and excited about improving yourself- you’ll make a great coach.