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Note: Read to the end for final results.

Have you ever felt disappointed in yourself or frustrated with your lack of progress? If the answer is YES to that question, then you’ll know how I was feeling on Saturday. Before I begin writing, let me say this… I know that I am not fat. I am at a very healthy weight and my goal with Hammer and Chisel was not to lose more weight. My goal is to reduce my body fat, get rid of my belly pouch, and feel confident in the way I look and feel.

I was losing weight pretty easily before I started Hammer and Chisel. I was following the lowest bracket in the 21 Day Fix meal plan and working out with Insanity Max30. So when I was a few weeks into Hammer and Chisel and the scale stopped moving, I became a little frustrated. I had metabolic testing done last year and found out that I have a pretty high metabolism. I’ve been having a difficult time with knowing that information because I find it hard to believe. I worry that adding more calories in will make me gain weight, so I haven’t been following the advice of my dietician. I feel perfectly satisfied with 1300-1400 calories every day, so it’s hard to wrap my mind around eating close to 2000.

I had a feeling that the lack of changes in my body was due to not eating enough, so I started by adding in another red (which is about 150 calories of lean protein) and 2 more teaspoons (nut butter or olive oil) every day. I continued to maintain for a couple of weeks, so I decided to switch things up and just go up a bracket in the 21 Day Fix Meal Plan. This meant that I was eating another green, yellow, purple, and 2 teaspoons. I followed this plan throughout the remainder of the program. I honestly felt great. A ton of energy and very satisfied.

I woke up on the last day of Hammer and Chisel feeling sad, frustrated, and embarrassed. Putting myself out there on Facebook isn’t always easy because it means I have a lot of eyes on me. I knew that people would want to see those after photos, and I honestly didn’t have much to show them. I couldn't see much of a difference in my photos.

I didn’t want to do my workout. I wanted to lie in bed and throw myself a pity party. I cried my way through my workout and then sat on the floor and stared at the wall during 10 minute abs. This all seems so silly to type out now, but I was seriously in a funk at the time. I did not want to disappoint people… and although I did the best that I could do, I still felt like a failure. It took me half the day to stop being angry and start thinking about how I was going to turn this into something positive. Because here’s the thing, I could let this send me into a downward spiral and use it as an excuse to never workout again, OR I can focus on the good things that happened over the past 60 days and trust that time and consistency will get me to where I want to be. I choose the 2nd option. I always used to choose the 1st option when I felt frustrated with my lack of progress, but we all know where that takes us (hint: no where). I had people asking to see my results and I told them I needed a few days to get over myself first. Haha!

So, here are some of the amazing things that came out of the last 60 days:

  1. I fell in love with weights and lifting heavy. I kind of hated weights before this program, but now I absolutely love them. I know that lifting weights becomes more important as I get older.
  2. I realized that I am so much stronger than I think I am. I can do more push-ups, more pull-ups (with the assist), and I focused on increasing my weights and my reps every single week.
  3. My husband completed the program with me and had amazing results. Doing this together has improved our relationship!
  4. I inspired other people to take a step outside of their comfort zone and try Hammer and Chisel… and THAT is amazing.
  5. My arms and legs are more toned and my core is stronger. I can make it through some of the ab exercises without stopping to die.
  6. I FEEL amazing on the inside. I have so much energy and I sleep like a freaking rock at night.

I will not let this be a giant set back for me like it has been in the past. I HAVE to keep going. I want to see what will happen If I stop sabotaging myself and quitting when things don’t go my way. It’s okay to feel frustrated and angry, but it’s not okay to sit in those feelings for days and let them ruin what you’ve been working so hard for. Please, if any of this spoke to you and you could use somebody in your corner, reach out to me! I would really love to chat with you to see if any of our groups would be a good fit for you. erica.tehonica@mac.com

Okay, so here are our official stats and photos! Matt really rocked it and I’m so proud of how far he has come.


  • -9.0 pounds
  • -9.75 inches

After staring at my photos and zooming WAY in, I have been able to see some small changes between the two.


  • -2.2 pounds
  • -6.25 inches
  • +0.5 inches in each arm

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Erica Tehonica

Erica Tehonica

Erica is a wife to Matt and a mama to a 4 year old boy named Cole. She is on a mission to help other moms live a healthy lifestyle while leading busy lives and taking care of their family.

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