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Hammer and Chisel Week 1 Recap


Matt: -3.6 pounds

Erica: -1.2 pounds

We will measure inches and take photos every two weeks, so those will be in the next update!   We are both feeling so much better inside and out. December was a month of traveling for us, which meant eating out and lots of sugar. My moods have evened out again and I have so much more energy. It doesn’t take long for your body to respond once you start eating right. 

Hammer and ChiselPull-ups are so hard for me, even with the pull-up assist. I want to be able to do 2 full pull-ups without it by the time the program is over.

A moment of honesty… I was terrified going into this workout. I am a Shaun T girl and he rarely uses weights in his programs. I had been doing Insanity Max30 for about a year, which consists of intense cardio and body weight exercises for strength. I knew that I needed a FRESH workout to make things interesting again and to challenge my body in a new way. Even when I was at my lowest weight, I still didn’t have the muscle definition that I’ve always wanted. When I was working with my nutritionist, I lost 13 inches and 8 pounds and my body looked the same to me. Sure, my clothes were looser, but nothing was toned. I really believe that this program is going to be a game changer for me.

Hammer and ChiselOur puppy is biting my feet during an ab exercise and Cole kept asking “How many mo minutes?” Pretty sure he wanted breakfast.

I must also note that my husband is not big into working out like I am. He hates cardio! I’ve been bugging him to get back into it with me for a long time. Not only do I want him to set a good example for our son, but I really believe that exercise and nutrition plays a big part in the quality of your marriage. When they announced Hammer and Chisel at Summit, I KNEW this was going to be the perfect workout for us to do together. He has been up at 5am every single day this week (and 6am on the weekends) to get his workouts done. I really love doing this as a team and it makes me so happy to know that he is enjoying it as much as I am.

21 Day Fix Meal PlanThis is what our fridge looks like after I shop every Sunday. Nobody is starving over here!

With this program, you can choose from 3 different meal plan options; lean out, maintain, and build. I love that you can choose the one that fits your needs, and you can change it whenever you feel it’s necessary. The plan follows the color-coded containers from the 21 Day Fix, which makes things super easy. No need to weigh your food or count calories. You just put it in the corresponding container and you’re on your way. Nutrition seriously doesn’t get any easier- and I know this is a huge struggle for most people. Matt and I are both on the lean out plan right now to get rid of the holiday fluff, but we plan on changing to maintain later in the program.   You could workout every single day and not see a single change in your body if you aren’t eating right for your body. It’s such an important part of the program that so many people overlook!

Hammer and Chisel Meal PlanThis was a pain in the butt to create, but it saves so much time (and EXCUSES) during the week!

What I love about the program so far is the variety of workouts. You don’t repeat the same workouts every single week, so it keeps things fresh and exciting. Having two different trainers is also nice because they have very different styles. It’s impossible to get bored with Hammer and Chisel. I definitely prefer the Chisel workouts over the Hammer ones, but that just goes back to me being more comfortable with cardio than weights. Total Body Hammer was one of the hardest workouts I have ever done in my entire life. I was swearing, grunting, and telling my husband that I was going to puke. That sounds awful, right? It felt awful in the moment, but once I was done, I felt like a badass! I’m really trying to push myself to the max so that I get the best results possible.  We’ve been sore for a few days now, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. The soreness tells me that things are changing and the Recover drink is helping. I’ve learned that nothing good happens inside of your comfort zone. Discomfort = growth, and I want growth more than anything this year.

That’s it for now! I’ll be sharing weekly updates as we make our way through this program. If you want to make 2016 the year of growth, consider joining us! Sometimes all it takes is a fresh program to motivate you and change your life forever. Send me an email at erica.tehonica@mac.com so we can chat.

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Erica Tehonica

Erica Tehonica

Erica is a wife to Matt and a mama to a 4 year old boy named Cole. She is on a mission to help other moms live a healthy lifestyle while leading busy lives and taking care of their family.

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