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Creating a Vision Board

Have you ever considered creating a vision board?  This is one of the most powerful things you can do if you are trying to create the life that you’ve always dreamed of. Your mind responds strongly to visual stimulation, so representing your dreams and goals with pictures will really help to bring them to life.  If you’re anything like me, you might feel a bit silly doing this exercise, but you have to trust in the process and know that it works.

The *Law of Attraction *is the idea that “energy attracts like energy.”  If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts tearing yourself down, you will attract negativity in your life and won’t find success.  On the other hand, if you focus on positive thoughts and affirmations and truly believe in your abilities, you will attract positive things into your life and accomplish what you set out to do.  A vision board is putting the Law of Attraction into practice.

If you have goals and dreams floating around in your head, it’s time to get them written down!  Once you write them down, the next step is to represent them with pictures.  Have fun with this!  There are so many ways that you can create your board- photographs, photos from the internet, or magazine cut-outs.  You can create a digital copy or a physical copy to hang on your wall.  I prefer to do the physical board so that I see it every single day.  I purchased a large bulletin board and some tacks from Target, and then went to work finding photos wherever I could.  To make it more colorful, I pasted the photos on colored paper and cut them all out.  Then I enlisted my hubby to hang it on our office wall, where it serves as a reminder to me every day of what I am working towards.

vision board

So, what do you want to include on your board?  Look for photos that represent the feelings, experiences, and possessions you want to attract into your life.  It doesn’t have to be just pictures- it can be words, too!  Whatever inspires you and makes you feel good when you see it.  I chose a bunch of words that represent how I want to live my life in 2015 and scattered them throughout the board.  Intentional, happiness, confidence, and strong are just a few of mine.  I also focused on my relationship with my husband, my role as a mom, and what I want to accomplish in my business.  Keep in mind- this is YOUR board!  There are so many examples of how to create a vision board, but ultimately it’s up to you.  It doesn’t have to look like anybody else’s, as long as it’s something that inspires you live your best life.

The most important part of this process is to look at it every single day.  If you create the board and then tuck it away somewhere, it’s not going to be effective.  You need to look at it and imagine yourself accomplishing all of those things.  Visualize how you will feel when those things come to life, and take steps every day to get closer to those goals.  Truly believe that all of those things will be yours.  Remember, positivity attracts positivity.

Each year, reflect upon what you accomplished and set out to create a new vision board.  As you continue to grow and evolve, so do your dreams! 

Will you create a vision board for 2015?

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Erica Tehonica

Erica Tehonica

Erica is a wife to Matt and a mama to a 4 year old boy named Cole. She is on a mission to help other moms live a healthy lifestyle while leading busy lives and taking care of their family.

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